Professional and Affordable Repairs

Here at Blackberry-4-Repair we have many years experience, not only in repairing mobile phones but we also offer tablet repairs and cover other types of manufacturers.
All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified in repairing your mobile phone or tablet and getting your life back on track.

We offer a cost effective and fast turnaround service to ensure you are not without you mobile phone for too long.

To get the full cost of the repair for your Blackberry, fill out the form that is on the page and we'll provide you with the repair quote.

My Blackberry Is Broken

At Blackberry-4-Repair we offer an affordable and local service to you based.

Not only do we deal with Blackberry repairs, we also cover a wide range of other manufacturers such as Apple, HTC and Samsung all within the area. If you have any of these other manufacturers we are happy to offer you a quote by simply filling out the form to the left. In today's modern society your mobile phone is your lifeline and millions of people across the world use one.

When your lifeline is damaged and no longer works it leaves you feeling devastated and distraught. So we are here to get you back on the right track.


How Our Repairs Works

There are many types of faults our customers experience with Blackberry mobile phones, and with anything  they can break down at some point. Blackberry-4-Repair have been repairing mobile phones and tablet devices for many years and all of our technicians are fully qualified before being let loose on your device.

When your Blackberry arrives into our service centre our technicians take the best possible care with your phone, they make sure it is tested and working 100% before it leaves our premises. For added peace of mind we also offer warranty. If you are looking for a repair and require a quote simply fill out the form on the page and we will provide you with the cost of the repair for your Blackberry.

Common Faults We Find With Blackberry

Listed below are just some of the faults our technicians have repaired on Blackberry mobile phones.

  • Blackberry Bleeding LCD
  • Blackberry Screen Replacements
  • Blackberry Servicing 
  • Blackberry Trackpad not working
  • Blackberry Not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Blackberry Keypad not responding
  • Blackberry Charging Port broken
  • Blackberry Not Holding Charge

If your fault is not listed do not panic, fill out the form on the page to receive your repair quote.

Repair Quote For Your Blackberry.


To get the cost of the repair fill out the form that is on the page. Please include a description of what the fault is with your Blackberry and you preferd method of contact. 
We will then be back in contact with you to discuss with you the repair and provide you with the full cost of the repair for your Blackberry.


How can i tell which model iPhone i have?

If your look on the back of your iPhone you will see a model number. If it is A1241 then you have a iPhone 3G. If it is A1303 then you have a iPhone 3GS.

Can you do sim reader reader repairs?

Yes we can, if you would like a quote on this repair please just fill on the free no obligation form on the left hand side of the page to receive your quote.

Will my warranty cover my smashed HTC screen?

No. Most warranties don't cover damage caused by misuse however we specialist in out of warranty HTC repairs. We do advise you ca up your manufacturer first though, if they aren't able to help just come back here and fill out the form above and well get you help as soon as possible.

Will I loose my data?

You will not loose your data going through with standard repairs, we do always recommend that you back up your device before sending in into us because if some cases the data does have to be removed as a last resort. But remember! We will not remove or restore your device until contacting you to make you aware of this, from there if you do not wish to proceed we can certainly send your device back.

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